Trend, Fashion and Style! Inspiration for Prom Season 2014

Prom season and homecoming 2014 is approaching fast and if you haven’t started already it’s time to find that perfect dress or outfit that will ensure you look your very best on this special night. Prom is one of the few times when you really can dress up and look gorgeous. Just as important as choosing the dress is the jewelry and accessories you wear to finish off your Red Carpet Look. It can make or break your stunning look!

Ideally the jewelry and accessories should be picked out after you have decided on what type of dress you are going to wear. The key to picking out the perfect jewelry pieces is to make sure that the jewelry you choose works together with the dress. It should complement the dress not distract from it!

2014 Prom Season Fashion contains classic elements as well as new embellishments, colors and fabric. In fabric, chiffon and jersey are popular. You can create the look of see through material without showing skin with the illusion fabrics. Lace in different colors and lace over various fabrics is also seen on a lot of the dresses this year. According to a lot of fashion experts, the biggest colors this season are coral, soft pink, purple and various shades of green and blue, like mint, turquoise and sapphire. But not to forget the all-time classic colors black, red and off white that still are very much in style.

In jewelry oversized jewelry is in for this season, heavy beading, big crystals and rhinestones are a few examples. Silver is taking a backseat to gold this season when it comes to accessories. Prom jewelry can take almost any form and doesn’t have to be expensive. There are a lot of different options to choose from, anything from necklaces and earrings to gorgeous dressy items like tiaras and other hair jewelry. Even brooches are hot this season.

How to match your jewelry with your dress

If your dress is lacy and delicate you should reflect that with the jewelry you choose. Long earrings, jewelry with sparkles or even vintage style pieces will look great with classic styled prom dresses. If your dress is more dramatic, you’ll need more bold jewelry to complement it. If you pick something too small it will get lost in the ensemble. Be careful though so you don’t turn a dramatic look to a gaudy look! Large pearl or glass beads would work great to finish your stunning look. If you dress is simple in design, consider a choker necklace or layered longer necklace to bring some glam to the look.

For most styles of prom dresses it is pretty easy to find the right jewelry to match. One that is a bit tricky is the one shoulder dress. One shoulder dresses are very popular for prom and it can be a challenge to find the perfect jewelry for that style of dress. Here are a few tips to pull off that perfect one shoulder look.

Chokers works well, they fit close to the neck and don’t interfere with a slanting neckline. “Y” necklaces with a dangling middle piece are also good choice, this allows you to wear a delicate necklace style without it getting lost in the fabric of your dress. Long necklaces that you can loop, layer or tie in a knot also works with a one shoulder dress, if it hangs low enough to show. The really long necklaces work great with one shoulder dresses with a low back since part of the necklace can lay on the bare back. Arm cuffs, bracelets and earrings are also good choices with this style.

Be careful with the jewelry you choose so you don’t pick materials that can snag and draw threads on a delicate fabric on your dress.

Last but not least, make sure that you choose a dress and jewelry that will make you feel comfortable! You don’t want the dress to be too tight so it makes it uncomfortable when you sit down to eat or move around. Very heavy jewelry, especially earrings can get very uncomfortable after a long period of wearing them.  You want to look fabulous but you also want to enjoy your special night!


 Fall and Winter Fashion 2013-2014

Now with fall in the air we are curious about the fashion and the colors for 2013-2014. Colors create the mood in fashion and the upcoming fashion trends. This seasons trends will make your fall and winter a lot more stylish and inspirational than you can imagine. You will see vibrant, varied and rich colors and the trends highlight elegance and femininity with a lot of room for individuality.

Romance, art fashion, medieval, victorian, femme fatal and mystic are themes you will see in the designs. The hottest designers are playing with forms, materials, colors and shapes.

Alongside the classic colors of black, white brown/beige and grey you will see various shades of blue, dark green, olive tones, oranges and color blocking. That said, emerald green and red are the hit colors of this season.

This season the designers are not insisting on matching your bag/accessories with your shoes, au contrary they are encouraging contrasting colors. A different new hot trend for this season is the monochromatic look, wear an outfit with accessories of the same color but in a different shade. Pick colors that are not too far from each other in the color palette and you can create an unforgettable look, but be careful, this can easily turn into a major fashion disaster.

The handbag fashion this season mixes comfort and functionality with glamour. You will see stylish and unique handbags, all from spacious and practical to luxury models and one of a kind designs. Some of these bold and unique designs will not go unnoticed. You can find the perfect fit for any style and taste. You will see a lot of fur and fringe hand bags, trendy back packs and metallic colors. The studs and chains that was very popular last season are here to stay this season too. Reptile skin bags or imitations are going to be the leader in popularity. Doctor bags and bowling bags transformed from sporty to something more elegant and more glamorous is something you will see a lot of in the 2013-2014 season. Messenger bags, totes and clutches belong to the eternal bag trend and never go out of style.

The jewelry this season has distinctive features and is all about shape, size, texture color and material. It goes from small to big, from classic to retro, from graceful to futuristic! Big and bold, serpent style, sharp edges and tribal style. Gold/gold metals and rose gold are one of the major trends this season. Mixed metals are still in style, so mix and match, gold, silver, gun metal and even pearls. Layer it all together for the ultimate look! Choker necklaces are popular in all styles and shapes. Mid finger rings and ear cuffs are also coming into vogue this season, something we haven’t seen in a long time. It’s the return of the edgy 90’s style. Punk, rock, 1960-70 rock and roll in modern design and architectural references. Dust it off and rock the look again!

Some must haves for the for Fall/Winter wardrobe 2013-2014!

1.     A statement making golden necklace, a must have accessory in the fall winter closet.

2.     Chandelier earrings. A favorite amongst the designers this season. A classic. Everyone loves earrings. Pretty, fun and easy to change! Choose crystal elements or go for the medieval look.

3.     Geometric bracelets, extremely popular. Gold, pastel, black, white, red, emerald green-layer get the ultimate look!

4.     Fur bag or reptile bag in the color you choose.

5.     High fashion back pack. Believe it or not, back packs have gone high fashion. Used 24/7, the “It” accessory for the upcoming fall and winter 2013-2014.

6.     Scarves. Simple models but still interesting and varied. Used as an accessory with many outfits or on purses.

7.     High boots-a hit and a must for the upcoming season.

8.     Clutch bag


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The timeless fashion classic, introduced by Coco Chanel in the 1920 is an essential piece of clothing for every woman’s wardrobe. The little black dress, almost universally flattering, versatile and unbeatable can take you from the office to a party within a blink of an eye! All with the addition or removal of the right accessories and complementary clothing. You can make it look formal or casual, sexy or “girl next door.”
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The fashion for fall/winter is all about colors, soft and bold, and are inspired from many different styles and lifestyles. It ranges from free and daring, soft and breezy all the way to the contemporary classics. You will see an unexpected mix of darks, brights and neutrals. There are really no restrictions.

 Bold necklaces, colorful bracelets and chunky pieces are the hot trend for this season. Orange is the signature color of the year but rose, blue, yellow and greens are also very popular. Black and white keeps their place as the all time favorites as big colors. You can’t go wrong with the traditional classics, black and white!

 Chokers are back. Big and bold or antique classics as well as crosses in different variations. Chunky rings, floral pieces, bangles, classic or colorful, mixed or stacked, big gemstones and tribal jewelry is some examples of styles of jewelry you will see this season. The range of styles this year allows you to express different moods with the type of jewelry you wear and you can experiment and try many different looks.

You will see a lot of beads in the jewelry this season. They are extremely popular and can give a great look to casual clothing as well as to more formal wear.

Pearls remain popular and you will see some contemporary makeovers of this classic. You will also see a lot of jewelry made from natural materials, like bold bracelets made of wood mixed with other elements from nature. Charms on both necklaces and bracelets are also in fashion and can add some glamour to any outfit.

Fashion Trends Change Often! Bookmark this page to stay up-to-date with the latest trends!

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