How to Care For Your Fashion Jewelry

To fully enjoy any fashion jewelry purchase, you must keep in mind that fashion jewelry is not meant to last a lifetime. Fashion jewelry will eventually wear out over time just like a purse, a pair of shoes or clothes. But there are things you can do to make them last longer!

All jewelry deserves to be handled with care and by caring for your fashion jewelry you can keep them in good condition and therefore let yourself enjoy them for several seasons and get the most out of your purchase. It doesn’t take much time to care for them. Here are some general tips on how to care for them but depending on what material you fashion jewelry is made out of, you need to be extra careful with what you clean them with.

One safe way of cleaning your fashion jewelry is to wash your pieces in soapy water with a soft cloth or a toothbrush for hard to get areas and creases. Don’t use an old toothbrush since there can be residue from toothpaste that can scratch and ruin the finish. If you buy jewelry cleaner, make sure to read the instructions to make sure you don’t cause damage to your jewelry. Do not use silver jewelry cleaner for your fashion jewelry. It has a mild acid component and will ruin your fashion jewelry and strip the finish!

Another way if you have more time is to line a small bowl with aluminum foil, fill it with warm water, add a bit of salt and a mild dish soap like Dawn. Then put your jewelry in, stir around, let it sit for a few minutes then remove the pieces, rinse them off and dry with a soft cloth. If you have antique looking pieces, don’t rub on them cause it may remove the antiquing process.

If you have fashion leather jewelry, oil and condition it with mink oil to keep it soft and flexible. It will change color over time due to wear and exposure to sun. Do not expose it to high temperatures or moisture!

Do’s and Don’ts for Your Fashion Jewelry

- Don’t shower, swim or get in a Jacuzzi with your fashion jewelry on. The soap, water and chlorine can damage the finish and make the jewelry looking dull.

- Don’t wear your jewelry when you exercise since perspiration causes wear and the salt crystals in your sweat eats away the finish and damage the jewelry.

- You want to avoid contact with perfume, lotions, hairspray and alcohol based products, and it wears on your jewelry and has a tendency to destroy gold or silver coating. With that said put your jewelry on last, after you have gotten yourself ready in the morning or when you go out at night.

- Fashion jewelry is not to be worn all the time. If you are the type of person that “wears it all the time and never take it off”, you can not expect it to last as long as someone that just wear their pieces every now and then or once a week. Take it of when you get home and don’t sleep in it.

- Store your jewelry separately in the box your jewelry came in or in a zip lock bag, this will protect it from humidity and protect it from tarnishing. You can put a piece of chalk in there to absorb extra moisture. The little bags with silica that you get when you by purses etc are also great little helpers that you can put in the storage box for your jewelry. They keep moister out and also protect the jewelry from tarnishing so fast.

- Try to store your jewels in a cool dark place and not in a place with extreme temperatures. Make sure your jewelry is dry before you put it away.

If you follow these simple steps your favorite fashion jewelry will last longer and you can continue to use them and enhance your outfits and show the world You Got Flair!

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