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Sara Backlund Potter, was born in Sundsvall and grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. Always one for adventure she began traveling the world at a very young age and was fascinated by the styles of fashion and jewelry she encountered in her travels.  Attracted to glamour and beauty Sara entered the fashion industry and began modeling European clothing accessories and fashion. This was a great way to enter the industry but simply didn't fulfill her innate desire to be creative and develop her own ideals of fashion and style.  Sara packed her bags and moved to America in 1999 when she married a man she met while visiting the United States. Still married, Sara is the proud mother of two active, young boys. After taking some time off to care for her boys, Sara was drawn back to the fashion industry she has always loved. Now with a decade of jewelry industry experience added to her fashion industry background she is proud to present... You Got Flair!


As a mom and wife in this busy society it’s hard to find time for yourself, but you still want to look your best in every situation. Style is important and great style makes women feel good about themselves. Jewelry is as important as the clothing that you wear when you try to find your own personal style.  Sara wanted to start a company that would assist the busy woman. Whether we are a stay-at- home-mom (who's seemingly never home, with soccer practice, dance recitals, errands, etc...) or a career woman who's trying to balance work, home and a personal life (and we all know which one of those items gets cut out when time is short) we all have one thing in common. There's never enough time to run around shopping for accessories, fashion, or spend time on us! When we do get time, where do we go to find truly unique, fun, and original accessories that add that FLAIR to our looks? You Got Flair was created to bring all that and more to you!


The selection of jewelry and accessories that you will find at You Got Flair has been inspired from living and traveling across Europe and the U.S. from the perspective of the contemporary woman. You will find everything from go-to pieces you can wear everyday, to pieces that are sure to attract all the right attention whenever you walk into a room!   The key to all of this is providing quality fashion jewelry at affordable prices! Quality that would add flair to any wardrobe yet be affordable! Trends change constantly and by adding jewelry pieces that are up to date with the latest designs from the hottest names in fashion and design lets you stay stylish and trendy without ever having to leave the house or break the bank. Delivering quality jewelry and outstanding service is our goal... Making you feel sexy, stylish, and confident about your look is what we do!

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About Us

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